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6 catamaran

Unspoiled and virtually undiscovered‚ Canouan is a lush tropical paradise located in the heart of the Grenadines‚ with wide‚ white sandy beaches‚ crystal clear and calm blue waters‚ lush‚ green hilly terrain‚ and one of the largest living coral reefs in the Caribbean that teems with brightly coloured aquatic life offering incredible diving and snorkelling.


Canouan is just five square miles in size and the expanding local population includes fishermen‚ proud of their community heritage as traditional wooden boat builders and harvesters of the sea. Laughter prevails as a vital ingredient of this community‚ and creates the feeling of traveling into an easier place and time.


Boasting a luxury resort with a spectacular championship 18-hole golf course‚ and a natural harbour for yachts‚ Canouan has become more and more popular with visitors. The variety of amenities‚ restaurants and accommodation has grown and there are now many excellent value guesthouses where visitors will be assured of a warm welcome.

For additional destination information‚ please see the online e-book: Ins & Outs of SVG