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Located just 40 miles south of St. Vincent‚ Union Island is often called ‘Little Tahiti’ because of its high‚ almost vertical peaks which are visible from St. Vincent’s capital‚ Kingstown‚ on a clear day.


For yachtsmen‚ Clifton Harbour (like Bequia) is a main provisioning stop‚ and the place to obtain fuel‚ supplies‚ and internet access. The main harbour has two small marinas‚ moorings‚ and a great anchorage behind Newland’s Reef close to two interesting and somewhat unique islands – Newland’s Island (population of one)‚ and Happy Island (an island built entirely by hand!).


The town of Clifton is ‘bustling’ by Grenadine standards and boasts great places to eat at reasonable prices. There are several stores and waterfront guest houses‚ and the local people (the island has a population of around 2‚500) are warm and friendly.


With a small airport and several local boat operators‚ Union is the perfect place for a day cruise to the central Grenadines‚ and is less than an hour from the neighbouring islands of Mayreau‚ Palm Island‚ Petit St. Vincent‚ and the Tobago Cays‚ none of which can be accessed by air.

For additional destination information‚ please see the online e-book: Ins & Outs of SVG