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The company allows for limited carriage of firearms for citizens ON DOMESTIC FLIGHTS WITHIN ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES ONLY.

On booking‚ the passenger should advise their desire to travel with a firearm. They will be supplied with a ‘Firearms Clearance Form’ to be completed. Prior to check in‚ the passenger must ensure the firearm is cleared (unloaded). At check in the passenger will present the unloaded firearm‚ any accompanying ammunition‚ the completed Firearm Clearance Form‚ and a current‚ valid firearms license to the traffic agent‚ who will verify the firearm is unloaded. The firearm will be placed in the company strongbox and locked for carriage. On arrival at the destination‚ the firearm will be returned to the passenger in the presence of customs.


For citizens‚ please download the Firearms Clearance Form here.

For Law Enforcement‚ please download the Firearm Authorization Form here.